Autonomous Cars: Sooner than You Think, which tracks technology in the public sector, now predicts that self-driving  cars will be fully operational within the next four years. What’s driving this trend? Just the fact that the market opportunities are so huge that companies like Uber and Lyft are hoping to carve out big chunks of the market. Car manufacturers are scrambling for a piece of the pie.

One interesting sidenote: brokerage house Morgan Stanley is predicting a 500 billion dollar windfall for municipalities as a result of dramatically lower costs of car-based infrastructure – think lower road maintenance costs, fewer municipal garages to maintain, fewer police and emergency services, etc. Towns and cities will also take a  hit in revenues because traffic fines are a substantial source of revenue, which will drop dramatically over time. (Aw shucks!)

Below: An Uber test vehiclegoogle-uber



One thought on “Autonomous Cars: Sooner than You Think

  1. I think you are correct; this is coming quite soon, and mostly for the good. There are job market implications, as taxi drivers,long haul truck divers, delivery van drivers, bus drivers disappear or shrink dramatically as a part of the labor force.

    But along with all that will be likely about 20,000 lives saved annually, less congestion, better travel times, perhaps even big reductions in the need for municipal bus systems, replaced with on call autonomous vehicles. Those who cannot drive will have transport on demand.

    Exciting possibilities.

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