About Terry O’Keefe

I  live in a small town just north of Asheville, NC and I make my living as a writer and public speaker. This blog contains articles that I wrote as a weekly columnist the Asheville Citizen-Times from the end of 2011 until the Spring of 2013, plus new articles I am now writing just for the blog.
I was born and raised in New York City, went to Parochial schools, and then graduated from a branch of the City University of New York with a BA in Economics.

My business background is mainly in technology marketing, with companies Like IBM, GTE and Singer. I founded a company in New York that refurbished and resold tech equipment to retail chains. About that same time, I became very active in New York City politics, and served for six years as an elected Democratic Party official in Queens County.

Much later on I co-founded and directed a Green Business non-profit in the Bay Area. And along the way, I wrote two different newspaper columns.

About this Blog
I write about what I think about and know about – business, economics, technology, politics and change. My work is shaped by the belief that if we can understand how we are changing and why we are changing, then perhaps we can get out ahead of the change process and “co-create” our future with as much grace and as little damage as possible.

My articles are mostly about ordinary events in business and economics and technology and the shifting shape of our society.  I think we can sift through these events for clues as to where change is showing up and where it seems to be taking us. And second, as we come to know more about where we are headed, our task will be to re-think and re-imagine how we do these ordinary things.  Often, big change happens because because of a myriad of little things that we we decide to do differently.

So work will still be work, business will still be business, governance will still be governance, though undoubtedly in very different forms.

An Invitation
If you find this blog to your liking, you can sign up to “follow” the blog and get email notifications about new postings. Join the conversation by commenting on the posts or email me at terry@etok.net with your thoughts.

Every writer dreams of finding a larger audience, and so do I. If you find valuable ideas or columns here, please share them with friends and colleagues by using the social media tools that are available at the bottom of each post.

Change in our time is a conscious and mutual endeavor, and this blog aspires to add something of value to that collective conversation.

See you down the road…


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