Public Speaking

I have always been fascinated by our collective process of change. As I uncover subjects that I believe would be of wider interest, I pull together talks on changing trends. These range from 20 minute talks to hour-long presentations that include extensive Q&A. Or I will design a talk to meet the particular needs of your group.

The Revolution in Higher Education:

Doing College Your Way with Less Cost
and Greater Flexibility
The new marriage of technology and higher HighEdTech1education looks very different, but it promises to transform the learning process, make college a lot more affordable, create a clearer link between skills and jobs, and help every student reach more of their potential

This talk will focus on the amazing new choices available to parents and their college-bound kids.


Globalization, Inequality
and the New Future of Work
We will discuss how globalization Globalizeleads to income inequality, imbalance in the workplace, and a shrinkage of work.
This talk will present strategies for turning the shortage of work into healthier, happier lives and a new kind of abundance.


The Digital Revolution
Bending Everybody’s Cost Curve
Digital products bring a unique economic quality to the world. Once development costs are paid for, the cost to produce one more copy, or a thousand more copies, is virtually nil.

Your smartphone contains apps that DigRevreplace dozens of physical products – everything from cameras and fax machines to medical and fitness gear.

In this talk, we will take a look at how digital technology, with its low cost and its ability to cheaply process massive amounts of data, is getting ready to shred the cost of a college education, and the future of healthcare as well.

Call Terry at 828-423-9020 or email to to discuss a talk or presentation for your organization or group.


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