Suggested Readings

Investment Manager’s Letter – this is a real insider’s of how the wealthiest people in the country accumulate their wealth, and what drives them to want ever more. If you enjoy this letter, you can click through to additional letters at bottom of the first letter. Click on the blue link and the clickable web address will pop up. Investment Manager’s Letter:

The Second Economy by Brian Arthur. A fascinating article about the layer of completely autonomous technology that underpins major industries – travel, banking, etc. Arthur compares it to the hidden root field that nourishes  and sustains Aspen groves. The Second Economy

Can You Have a Good Life if You Don’t Have a Good Job?:

When Shareholder Capitalism Came to Town:

For the Love of Money:

David Brooks: The Unifying American Story:

David Brooks: The Four American Narratives:

David Brook: Brooks- How We Are Ruining America

Thomas Piketty: A Practical Vision of a More Equal Society

Timothy Egan: The Blood on a Tax Cut

Simon Sinek Video:

Nick Hanauer Video:


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